Making realistic choices!

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Are your future choices realistic?

It is really hard to make realistic choices about your future for some young people. Trying many areas are beneficial and allow you to make a more informed decision later on.

However, some young people have very clear ideas on what they want to do in the future. Although we encourage this, a lot, we also sometimes have to challenge the understanding around this. If your son/daughter said they wanted to be an electrician for example; this has minimum entry requirements, followed by completing the relevant level course to be able to become a qualified electrician.

This can seem a little unrealistic for some young people in academics alone without any other learning/health considerations.

We suggest you challenge what is understood by the job ‘electrician’. It could be that they like lights, or they like taking plugs on and off! it could be that they like wearing a certain uniform. All of these could then lead to a different path but still within their interests. Therefore, it is important to ensure that our understanding is in alignment with your son/daughter in order to support their aspirations.

Equally if it is clear that your son/daughter does specifically want to become an electrician you then need to look at the barriers in front of them and whether they are realistically achievable. We don’t want to break dreams here but this may well happen later on if it is not managed early enough and with care.

Perhaps visit different websites to research what may be possible or take a careers quiz for a starting point.

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