Work Based Skills – Work Experience v Supported Internship?

What a tricky decision to make! What do they mean? Which do I choose?

Both are related to work based skills – this is good news!

The main difference is that work experience is exactly as it states, it is an experience of work only to gain work based skills, no employment guarantees. The length of work experience also varies from 1 day per week to a block of 1-2 weeks and more.

A Supported Internship is a more structured programme that lasts for 1 academic year and has 3 main outcomes:

  • Employment – gained during/after internship
  • Volunteering – something sustainable once the internship has finished
  • Other meaningful activity – no idea what this would mean tbh!

An internship is designed to prepare young people for the world of work. This includes CV’s, how to apply, writing letters to employers, interview preparation, travel training to get to work etc as well as work placements in an area of interest with the potential to continue either via employment or volunteering.

However, please be aware that Supported Internships are designed to be the FINAL STAGE OF EDUCATION you complete before the end of your EHCP. E.g if you are 22/23 and coming to the end of your EHCP time, alternatively if you have finished all the learning you feel you can (this is at ANY AGE) and are ready to enter the world of work then these are fine but the likelihood is it may then become the end of your EHCP. Just something to consider!

Please do talk to us if you would like advice on which pathway to choose. We can also let you know about our Transition 2 Adulthood programme which may be an alternative to a Supported Internship if you are reaching the end of your education. However, the choice is yours!

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